Travel Journal | Taipei


As with all my travels the past few years, I document these as much as I can. On the recent Taipei trip (read here and here), I’ve made the documenting even simpler with only a few basic stuff that I brought with me, packed into my Delfonics Inner Carrying pouch. Here’s a look at the few pages I used inside my handmade leather Traveler’s Notebook system using the 013 insert.


Day 1

I cut up brochures I picked up at the airport along with other ephemera from places I could find. I printed small photos when I got back to Shanghai because I forgot to bring my Instax Printer!





Day 2

Taipei_Journal_06 Taipei_Journal_07


Day 3

This spread turned out more difficult because I wanted to add in a lot of stuff while at the same time wanted to add some journaling. So lots of ‘interactive’ stuff. I also cut up a map off a brochure I found at the hotel lobby which perfectly fit this part of the trip.



Extra journal card for journaling was added using one of Ali Edwards’ Story Kit.



Day 4

An assortment of ephemera and even added in the lid off a milk tea drink which I found to be really yummy!




Day 5

Mostly journaling and only did 1 page instead of a spread.


That’s it… If you follow me on IG, you may have read how I’m loving this Midori Traveler’s Notebook system not just for everyday but also for documenting our trips. I still miss the mini album approach with the rings for me to easily add in or move pages around but for now, I’m making this system work…


Thanks for looking.


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