So! It’s finished (or is it?)! The just-concluded #oneweek100people2018 initiated by Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel was both a challenge and interesting to say the least. I have eyed this challenge last year on Instagram but never got the courage to join as my biggest drawing weakness is in people or human form (and perspective). I typically avoid it in my urban sketches when I am out.

This time, I finally summed up the courage to actually show up and try this challenge. Here are what I ended up doing…

DAY 1:

Drew from life mostly… People from the park and around me. I love the woman with curlers in her hair who just came and sat down oblivious to anything except her phone. Trying to summon the courage to directly sketch with a brush pen.

Day 2:

It was raining so I ended up looking up photos online and drawing these from stock library images. Still hoping to get better with sketching with ink.

Day 3:

Another day and struggle to fit time in to draw from life. I did manage to sketch a few while sitting near the subway station entrance, watching people trying to cross the road around the busiest intersection near my office (#35-#43). Did one of my ping-pong instructor with his young student. I also sketched from photos I took on the streets from earlier that morning (#46-#50).

Day 4:

Explorations between using pencils and brush pens to create miniature people.

Day 5:

Finally catching up and finishing up the last few people sketches. This was a set done in pencils and light washes copied from a book called Wisdom (except mine had Judy Dench on the cover), a gift from my sis-in-law from years ago.

Not perfect but love some of the results. So definitely doing this again next year!

Thank you for reading.

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