Freebie | #Gratitude Notebook


Every October the past few years, I’ve been wanting to do a mini gratitude album but every time, something aways comes up. But this year since I am using my Midori Traveler’s Notebooks all the time now, I decided to create a mini notebook that I can squeeze in. That way I can add in some words wherever I am.


The whole idea is to keep things simple just jotting down things on my mind. Maybe I will add a photo or so, depending on what I’m grateful for on that day. I am using the MTN Passport size as it is my main agenda book.


You can also use this notebook not just for the month of October (in line with Thanksgiving) but also all through out the year. Just write down the date or stamp in the date, however you want to do it.


Print as many pages as you want back-to-back and then staple them together. One side includes 4 pages so you get 8 pages in 1 sheet when printed back-to-back.


Putting this booklet together is easy

  1. Print the pages in the PDF  on both sides of the paper. Print ‘Actual Size’ and not ‘Fit to Page’.
  2. Choose a cover for your booklet; which could be a thicker paper or a cardstock or a patterned scrapbook paper.
  3. Trim the pages across the middle trim marks.
  4. Fold in half along the fold marks.
  5. Stack your pages including the cover.
  6. Staple and trim to size. There are 2 sizes available for download – regular and passport size.
  7. Embellish with your choice.

I would love to see how you use this journal booklet. Use the hashtag #arlynaprintables and tag me (@abshanghai) on Instagram.




More Downloads are available here.



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