2023 Artist Almanac

One (1) part calendar + one (1) part inspiration = a whole LOT of collage material.

Nineteen (19) talented artists bring you 365 daily collage-able artsy bits of paper, an entire year’s worth! You can tear each day’s calendar page to reveal an artwork from one of 19 artists. Use it in your daily planner as a date indicator or daily inspiration. Each page would also work great as collage material in your art journal. It can’t get any cooler and more awesome than that!

The calendar can be used beyond 2023! Checks off a lot of possible uses like:

  • Collage material
  • Date “stamp” on daily planners
  • Junk journal ephemera material
  • Gifts and stocking stuffers
  • Scrapbook ephemera
  • Portable enough to bring on trips
  • Inspiration for jumpstarting your art journal practices
  • Collectable minis from your favorite artists
  • Material for creating vision boards

The pure definition of WIN WIN!

Check out the other 18 artists who are featured in this calendar:

  1. DeeDee Catron
  2. Tina Walker
  3. Megan Whisner Quinlan
  4. Leaca Young
  5. Birgit Koopsen
  6. Nat Kalbach
  7. Tiffany Goff-Smith
  8. Kristin Petersen
  9. Amanda Spence
  10. Lisa Goddard
  11. Shawn Petite
  12. Anna Karena
  13. Seth Apter
  14. LaQuisha Hall
  15. Roxanne Padgett
  16. Denise Lush
  17. Renee Mueller
  18. Ann Barnes

RMB 178
Size: 7cm x 9.5cm (2.75” x 3.75”)

You can buy the calendars via my WeChat Store or via PayPal.

You can check out the other artists’ feed(s) for more info on where they are shipping.

These calendars are limited run only and have sold out within hours last year! Buying this calendar also supports the artists in this calendar.

I look forward to seeing what you create in your journals with these collage fodder!

Can’t wait to see you at the Summit!

  1. Hi Arlyna, Congratulations to you, and the other artists, on another amazing Almanac. There are sooo many people, including myself, who would still really like to buy one. Is there any chance you will do another print run please? Thanks, Anouk in Australia

    1. Thank you so very much Anouk! Unfortunately there will be no reprint but the group is thinking of a way on how to get more copies out. Keep an eye out for upcoming news.

    1. That is a great question. I think this helps to make everyone on the same page. But will pas this question along to consider for 2024? Thank you!

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