#the100shanghaivignettes Part 2

The second quarterly update to my #the100dayproject is here after a long delay. In between my last post, we have come out of lockdown, gone back to work, searched for apartments, packed and moved to new apartment, unpacked and settled. It has been a whirlwind of 3 months and my art practise has also been focused on art journaling and other creative pursuits that sketching has taken a backseat.

First urban sketching outing after lockdown was lifted with @vanishing.shanghai and @bk1717cb around the Hongkou District.
With lockdown just lifted, locals are starting to venture out and street sellers are also slowly trickling back. Though some parts are still walled up so there still is some sort of uncertainty walking around.

There were some sketching events organized by Drawing Shanghai since lockdown was lifted however it has been a bit difficult to balance going out and other priorities. PLUS (and I am not making any excuse here), the heatwave that has descended on Shanghai was so ugh!

Walking in the 40C weather along the Suzhou Creek!

I went to a couple outings but by the time you reach the location, I was drenched and exhausted from the walking there.

Nevertheless, I did still get to my halfway mark. Some of these were referenced from photos during lockdown while some were sketched en plein air.

Thank you so much for stopping by.



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