Travel Journal | Nagoya, Japan

Our recent company trip to Nagoya, Japan, last June was a good quick escape for everyone. Before the trip, I have been dealing with deadlines and juggling kids’ activities and finals hence I was not even sure what I wanted to do in terms of documenting our trip. I had planned on bringing along a TN insert which I have been doing a lot on trips.

At the last minute, I changed my mind and ended up bringing a watercolour sketchbook my friend Jessie has given to me late last year. This sketchbook along with my other sketchbook dedicated for #the100dayproject (2019) went into my backpack. This is the very first time I have brought minimal supplies on a trip. I decided to let my mind free of stress and go with the flow.

Here are some pages from that sketchbook. This is currently on loan at the museum for my Happy Little Moments exhibit. I managed to collect postage stamps and stamps from some of the places we went which in a way added some unique elements to my sketchbook. I love it!

Or watch the flip-thru video of the entire sketchbook.

Thank you for reading.

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