Documenting | Week in the Life 2014


My Week in the Life mini album is done. Actually I was done putting it together last Sunday but needed to do the stitching on the cover hence I got a bit delayed in posting photos of some of the pages.

For the first time this year, I used a notebook format – most specifically a Traveler’s Notebook approach – using my Happiedori that allowed me to bring it everywhere with me. I designed the inside pages and stapled them together in booklet format. Everyday, I would just write in the notes/journals. Most of the photos were printed on the first couple days but as the week progressed and several things were happening at the same time, I only managed to get the rest printed on the weekend.

IMG_9870.JPGLearning my way to layering embellishments. I don’t do much of these so it’s still a learning process for me.IMG_9872.JPGI think this is my favourite spread… I finally found a way to use one of those frames from the Studio Calico kits and I got daring with sewing different paper bits and photos together before adhering this to the page.IMG_9873.JPG



Overall, I am loving this format because I could jot down things and not wait until I get home to do the pages. How did you do yours?

  1. THIS might finally push me off the edge and into doing WITL. I’ve just jumped on the TN bandwagon and am excited to start. This spread was done beautifully!

    1. thank you. this format also helped me document WITL quickly as I could bring it around and write something. Enjoy!

  2. Coming over from Emily’s place attracted by your sieres title because who doesn’t need some tips for living more simply?! I love this post especially. It’s wise, simple advice lately I’ve come to realize that I’m not crafty. I used to be hung up over it especially seeing so many creative people out here in the blog world. But slowly I am letting it go I have other gifts to offer. Craftiness just isn’t one of them.[]Emily Reply:October 10th, 2010 at 8:05 amIt can be so hard, especially in the blog world, to not feel crafty/creative since it seems everyone else is. If you love it, do it. If you do it, love it. Otherwise, skip it.[]

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