Working on Quilts


Lately it’s been a bit crazy with stuff to do at home. Been alternating between quilting and sewing clothes.

Yesterday, finally gotten down to basting our huge ‘Anniversary Quilt’. The quilt top and backing were all done a couple months ago but just wasn’t inspired to work on it until late yesterday afternoon.

As you can see, it is big and fortunately we have this space for me to put this down. Kids helped on-and-off. Audrey took photos; she suddenly asked me for my camera while we were laying down the batting.

So after a couple of back-breaking and knee busting hours (plus a couple hours of ‘rest’ while I made dinner and had dinner), it’s all basted and now need to start hand-quilting it. Yes, I plan on hand-quilting this as I don’t trust my novice skills at machine quilting this size. I’ve already had trouble with my first 2 proper quilt I’ve recently finished…

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