Quilts for Owen and Liam


Today was the last day of school for the kids. They are going on to ‘zhong ban’ (means ‘middle’ kindergarten) next year. The year has gone rather quickly. And to top that, one of the kids’ classmate, Owen, will be moving to Hong Kong so there was a bit of flurry of activities esp. for me, trying to finish up my first ‘proper’ quilt.

Made 2 quilts because one for Owen’s brother, Liam. The kids have been hanging out with them last summer and have been constantly on some play dates and birthdays, so it’s rather sad to see them leave. So I thought a quilt would be a perfect going-away gift for them.


This one above is for Owen (in black tee) which was taken at their school. The one taken in the morning somehow was damaged. The pattern was from Oh! Fransson’s Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt which I had to modify in order to make it slightly bigger. Now that I thought about it, maybe I should have just added some extra blocks rather than a sashing. Still quite happy with these even if they were not perfect.


I thought these would be perfect starting point as I want to quilts for my kids but was hesitating to start.

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