Pockets of Time


These days, I just feel like the days go so fast with each waking moment spent doing something. I guess you can say never a dull moment. So many things to do and projects to start on top of the usual 10 hours at work a few evening hours during the week and full days with kids on the weekend.

This will probably be the last couple posts before Blogger stops supporting my blog on 01 May, and before Simon gets round to moving my blog to our own blog system.
Getting into retro Chinese stuff: My new trainers for only US$5 +/- which are so cool! These Hui Li brand shoes are made by one of Shanghai oldest brands and are currently the latest trend and are actually sold overseas for around 60+/- Euros! Plus the red laces are free 🙂

Tried to take a photo of the box unfortunately our cleaners have put them in the trash before I got a chance. The box still has the same 1970s style of design and graphics.

Found some spirograph for the kids at only US$1.00 per set and didn’t realize these are not easy to find anymore. The packaging are so cool as they have these old 1970s style.

I’ve also finally decided to cut into my AMH Good Folks fat quarter stash. This is going to be a quilt to commemorate our 10th year anniversary. I have to admit math is my weakest point and that is why I’ve stayed away from quilting really. Anyway, I decided to grab images of the fabric online and put together the design digitally to see the sizes and how they will look with light linen sashing… 10Anniversary_Quilt_light-743495

or dark red/burgundy-ish one.
Haven’t completely decided… I may end up not adding a sash but use a dark red binding.


I’ve finished trimming them and the kids helped lay them on the floor according to the picture. They even helped me with the measuring tape (though how accurate the measurement was, I’m not sure).

Last bit on sewing… I think it’s time to park my Oliver + S Popover Sundress pattern. I love the pattern as it’s quick and a great dress to make esp when I’m always pinched for time… but I have already sewn too many of them for the little girl in Australia, Paris, and in Shanghai.

Finally, as a little Easter treat, I revisited Bakerella’s Cake Balls. I found her own recipe for the Red Velvet Cake and I decided to try it out. I LOVE IT! It tastes even more yummier than ones I’ve used before. Moist and light and so perfectly right.

Made cake balls with less frosting but I still cannot seem to get my candy melts to have a smooth finish like on hers… not sure if it’s because of the brand I used (Wilton’s, which had to be purchased in Hong Kong) or if I did not heat it enough.


I haven’t given up yet even after a couple attempts. I know I will do some more of this.

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