Sewing with Knits and Stretchy Fabric


Ever since I saw this post from Dana Made, I just knew I had to make some for my twins as I still had some in my stash. The first one turned out alright though not perfect as I was still trying to get myself acquainted with sewing stretchy fabrics.

Then I decided to make 2 as I really want to make the shirts even better. There is also a helpful tip from Omni Creates which is quiet helpful.

So 2 shirts later, I had 2 broken ballpoint needles and 1 bent one….
I really really really would love to be able to sew more and thought about getting a serger but after reading Omni Creates’s tips, I knew I can do it without a serger (cannot afford to get one now so had to weigh options)…

I haven’t given up yet and in fact have my kids’ knickers (or undies) fabric all cut up ready to be sewn based on this pattern. Hopefully this time around, I’ll be lucky… fingers crossed.

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