These days…


The twins these days seem to have grown so quickly. I’m still trying hard to catch up and try to record as much as I can of our everyday life. A few glimpse…

Found post-it notes on Samuel’s bed containing little drawings which contains interesting bits and bobs. A few doodles I loved…


…a robot with a button belly…

bed_stickies2… a self-portrait…


… our refrigerator which is cluttered full of magnets and papers…


I also found the twins playing one time with Audrey putting her headband on Samuel’s head to hold the 2 Alice-in-Wonderland cups in each ear. According to them these are headphones. Samuel is taking after Daddy’ love for music and playing guitars. He’s inherited the ukelele I gave Simon when we just met!


Audrey has been so into drawing which is fantastic, really. I was like that when I was a kid… And she loves Legos which in our home is a big weakness. We’ve bought so many sets in the past and have recently tapered off as we haven’t found any new interesting sets to add to our collection. Plus we are running out of space to put them all in.



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