#the100shanghaivignettes Part 4

All done! I reached the finished line even though it took longer than it should. In the end, I made more than 100 sketches (probably my OCD) that felt like I needed to finish up the sketchbook even of that meant going over the 100 “limit”.

The sketching locations with Drawing Shanghai took us to various parts of the city, though some repeats to the Laoximen area is not uncommon.

When December came, we all got hit with COVID which meant being house-bound for almost all of December. We were fortunate enough to have still managed to get our exhibit at the UNO Gallery push through right after everyone had recovered from COVID. Read more about our exhibit here.

The aviation museum was so cool! To be able to get up close to the airlines and jet fighters.

So here are the final batch of sketches. I may have missed a couple which were sketched from photos taken instead of enpleinair.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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