#the100shanghaivignettes Part 3

Feeling excited as I mark the 3rd quarter installment of my #the100day project. Last week when I was counting the number of sketches, I thought I still had 20+ to go but then when I recounted yesterday, I actually have about 10+ more to go! Yay! Driven right now to get this project over and done with!

The past outings with Drawing Shanghai / Urban Sketchers Shanghai has been quite fun as a lot of these places were quite interesting. We seem to have ventured mostly to the old town more.

In this batch of sketches, #52 to #54 were sketched from photos from out company outing and the rest are all en plein air sketching. Been experimenting with the Kakimori brass nib I bought before Shanghai’s lockdown in March (which fortunately did not get lost in the mail), with different inks. I am loving the smooth flow of ink. But then again, this SM•LT Art #authenticbook Brown has been a joy to work on, sadly I’ve just used the last pages and not able to buy locally anymore.

The last installment is not too far along. can’t wait to finally wrap up this project! (PS I’ve already started thinking of my 2023 #the100dayproject!

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