2022 #the100dayproject is here!!! And I’m doing urban sketching, finding those places to sketch that are “typical” Shanghai. I actually prefer to do more of the old Shanghai rather than new but I will make some exceptions just like my first sketch.

My plan is to do 100 sketches and that may turn out to be in 50 days or more. Don’t want to pressure myself on doing 1 a day. My hope is that I will be more accountable with this year’s project compared to last because it was not easy to keep track of what I was finishing. So I am hoping this year’s will be manageable.

As like in the past, I will post quarterly updates. Looking back at previous projects, I feel like I get a good overview when I am seeing all the images as a whole.

Are you doing a project this year?

What project have you decided to do?

Watch this space for more update on my project.



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