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2016-08-23 084724

This post is supposed to be about Australia but at the last-minute our plans changed. We literally decided to go to Seoul the day after my visa to Australia was not released on time. Did not have much time to prepare for this trip and ended up using one of the 1/2 Trip notebook inserts I bought in Tokyo.

Life took a turn for the hectic after the trip with new school term starting, kids’ activities and school events and work stress. Hence I actually did not finish up the last few pages of this journal until last week! But am so glad this is finally done! I had actually forgotten that about  95% of the content was actually finished before we left Seoul!

So here are the pages to my latest Traveler’s Notebook for Seoul.

ab_seoul_01 ab_seoul_02ab_seoul_03ab_seoul_04ab_seoul_05   ab_seoul_06 ab_seoul_07 ab_seoul_08 ab_seoul_09 ab_seoul_10 ab_seoul_11 ab_seoul_12

A special shoutout and BIG HUG to @hongtwo24_7 for honesty and most especially for going the extra mile in helping us keep Miss A’s phone safe! Thank you.


I am glad that kids cooperated and wrote something for me to include into the journal. I hope to be able to do this on the further travel journals or mini album I make… Something that they can look back on.

Thank you for looking.

  1. Wow this is lovely! I am visiting Seoul in the next month and want to create my first travel journal as well, this has been really inspiring!

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