More Valentine’s Day Stuff


Yesterday has been a very hectic day and to top with all the family stuff and as if I didn’t have enough things to do, I still went ahead and made these Cheesecake Pops. It was an even messier experience than making the Red Velvet Cake Balls version and just couldn’t help wish that I didn’t do the cheesecake version but my kids wanted to give a little something to their class as sort of Valentine’s Day gift and ‘welcome back to school’ goodie.

In the end, I persevered and managed to finish! Although halfway through, I gave up on the sticks and just did the balls. And the good thing that came out of the whole experience was I finally got the consistency to the candy wafers right (I’ve attempted this a few times last year).

We did only get to giving one to each teacher and to our colleagues as I’m saving a few for ourselves (grin)…

And the best bit of today was this…

…a  virtual flower from my geeky husband! Yes, we’re a family of ‘geeks’…

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