5th Birthday


Still cannot believe that my kids have turned 5!!! It’s a big number. And it so happened that this year, their birthday fell on the same day as the Mid-Autumn Festival which is an important Chinese holiday. It signals Autumn and also a time for getting together, enjoying mooncakes and families gather around to enjoy the full moon.

Anyway, they ended up having 2 birthdays this year. We had a simple family dinner and cakes on the day of their birthday. (The bunny ears Audrey is wearing was something they did in school to commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival). It is also traditional to wear red on the birthday to usher in good luck for the celebrant.

The actual party was on a separate day which was a blessing in disguise as I managed to get extra time to prepare for the party.

Sewn goodie bags from this tutorial and filled with made activity pad and a few other toys. We made our own pinata… I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on something that was only going to be used for a few seconds.

Importantly managed to finish their birthday cozies at last! The Bubble Dress that had been cut but I kept on procrastinating for months… and the Sketchbook Shirt+Shorts. The latter was supposed to have been finished back in June but it got moved down my priority list and plus, I felt daunted with the thought of attached a collar on to the shirt. When I did managed to do it, it was a big relief and felt really satisfying that I did it! Having overcome that hurdle I’m planning on making a long sleeve one.


Audrey decided to add accessories from her toy jewelries. And Samuel wanted to look cool!

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