My Design Has Been Plagiarized

I cannot believe that my work which is given as a free download is being plagiarised and sold from here! Thank you to Maud Fournier for bring this to my attention.

PLEASE STOP BUYING FROM THIS SITE! I am definitely taking action to protecting my work!

Because of this, I am closing my Downloads for an indefinite period of time.

Thank you for looking.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s awful. I hope you can put a stop to it.


    1. arlynab says:

      Thank you. It seems like I’ve opened a can of worms… the problem is worse than I thought. (sigh!)


  2. Maud Fournier says:

    You’re welcome. You’ve been so generous with us, I had to let you know.


    1. arlynab says:

      Thank you so much again for letting me know. I just found that it’s worse than what I thought. Still trying to get to the bottom of this issue. Can’t thank you enough for letting me know.


      1. Maud Fournier says:

        I hope this matter will be resolved quickly and to your advantage


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