My Design Has Been Plagiarized

I cannot believe that my work which is given as a free download is being plagiarised and sold from here! Thank you to Maud Fournier for bring this to my attention.

PLEASE STOP BUYING FROM THIS SITE! I am definitely taking action to protecting my work!

Because of this, I am closing my Downloads for an indefinite period of time.

Thank you for looking.


    1. Thank you so much again for letting me know. I just found that it’s worse than what I thought. Still trying to get to the bottom of this issue. Can’t thank you enough for letting me know.

  1. Oh what a pitty, I was wondering, why the download ist not possible anymore and then found this post. I hope meanwhile you could solve the troubles.
    Your desings are wonderful.
    Best wishes

  2. I love your designs. It’s terrible that someone would sell your work as their own. I have a photographer friend who had a terrible situation of people and campaigns using her photo without permission. And against what the photo stood for. I hope you have similar success in fixing this problem as my friend did.
    You have been very generous with allowing us to use your designs for personal use for free. Thank you.

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