Documenting | Week in the Life


Wow! What a week! The big full week is over.

The Week in the Life project by Ali happened at exactly the same time. A big challenge to juggle all the documenting with crazy work schedule, but looking back at the week, it was actually great. The project allowed me to document one of the rare sort of week we have had so far.Overall, I took more than 800 pictures! I probably would have ended up with more if I remembered to take photos on some instances…

The only way I managed to write down notes was by making the Daily Sheets into a ‘template’ in Evernote so I can access it either on my HTC phone, on my office Mac or on my iPad. I actually started with printing the Daily Sheets and jotting on it but I felt there wasn’t enough space to write ‘enough’ notes and Evernote was the answer to my worries.

Here are a couple of photos from our week…

SUNDAY: Seeing old friends again after a year…

MONDAY: We open our company in the new office with offerings to the ‘Earth God’, making some food offerings and burning paper money…

TUESDAY: Waking up with a cuddle from Audrey…

WEDNESDAY: A rare half  day off from work to take care of kids…

THURSDAY: Audrey’s first piano recital; she made us proud…

FRIDAY: Duplos everywhere…

SATURDAY: Multi-taskers – watching Harry Potter and playing Lego games online… (Samuel explains the game to Audrey; he was also talking non-stop about Legos.)

SUNDAY: Mostly spent indoors after the morning at the pool, to escape the Shanghai heat…

And yes, I’m making my first ‘Week in the Life’ with an 8-day week! 🙂  Not sure yet how I will do the album this week with the crazy work schedule ahead…

Just so glad I managed to do this project and looking forward to actually putting the pictures and my notes into an album. This project has pushed me to really take photos I would normally not take, look at bits and pieces of our routine in detail and importantly put more effort in taking more photos with me in it!

  1. I will love to know if you can share your “templates” or explain to me how you did this… because this years it will be my first week in a life and i fall in love with your planning on evernote….


    1. Thank you for your interest. I did not really have a “template” but what I did was create a page in Evernote with the time of the day from 6am to 9pm. It’s basically a take on what Ali has shared before except I made it editable. Check the original post and I will share the Evernote template you can download and import into Evernote.


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