December Daily 2010


All done… I’ve managed to finally find time to take photos and upload them on Flickr. See them here.

Another great experience with the project. The only part that took long was the way to bind my album. I started with a 2-ring binder which became too small, then settled on big rings but still somehow did not seem right. Finally, settled on the leather strings I’ve had in my stash for a while now.

On this album, I tried simplifying things by:

  • using same font for all, if not most, of the journalling part
  • using all Ali Edwards wordart from Designer Digitals

  • using a lot of full-page pictures
  • using my own template
  • using Adobe InDesign to do the layout
  • using some stitching on my sewing machine
  • keeping things as simple as possible

As like with last year’s album, I printed all my photos on my printer using a Takeo paperstock that I’ve ordered locally and asked the paper company to help me trim to 32cm x 32cm. However, the difference with this year’s is that I finally managed to understand the right settings after a couple attempts. So the photos came out much better than before.

Next time I will know to make sure the album will be big enough to accommodate extra pages. But it was fun and everyone in the family helped to put the album together.

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