Sewing and Baking Cakes


Yes, a lot of sewing and baking going on around here. Taking advantage of the yucky wet and humid weather to do some sewing. I wish this ‘plum season’ will pass, somehow this year it feels quite drawn out… So in a way, I do not really feel ‘summer’ in Shanghai as we are missing the sun shiny days we used to have. Okay, it can get very hot here but compared to this icky weather, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Lately been doing a lot of sewing. I revisited Heather Ross’ Mendocino Sundress pattern again. Last year when I made this, I ended up with a very tight fit and struggled about with getting my lines straight. This time I was quite happy with the results. It’s gone out as a birthday gift to one of my colleagues.

Another top I made was Sis Boom’s Meghan Peasant Dress/Top. I only made a top and it turned out nice but there was more detailing and work to be done compared to the Lela & Ben Sweet Dress pattern. I definitely love this one as it’s quite easy and has instant gratification. These ones (below) are the 2nd and 3rd ones I’ve made so far and these 2 are going out as gifts, too.

Oh, and the bright prints in pink is quite an interesting fabric as it glows in the dark! We didn’t know it until one night when my daughter discovered her Bubble Dress glowed when she went to her room that night.

Still to be be are my kids’ clothes – Oliver + S Bubble Dress and Sketchbook Shirt+Shorts. I need to get my act together and finish these off at least in time for their 5th birthdays in September!


On top of these, I’ve got 4 quilts that I’m working on. Crazy? Couldn’t agree with you more. But the Value Quilt is really one that has been on my mind a lot since I saw it last year (!) and I will definitely be making one as soon as I finish with our anniversary quilt and the new one below for our nanny.

And then there are more quilts that I want to also try like…

Finally, between end of May to last week, I made 5 birthday cakes! Yes, that is 5, 1 for each of my colleagues who were celebrating their birthdays between this short span of time! Made Red Velvet Cake, Cheesecake, Matcha Bundt Cake, Leche Flan (from a Filipino recipe), and finally The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, Ever (modified with a lot lot less sugar in the icing). The last one seem to be the favourite as it got devoured within a few minutes!

Fortunately, the kids are also happy to be taking it easy this summer in between their twice a week part-time classes and playing. Just wished I was also on a summer holiday… Oh well.

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