The other weekend, I finally managed to overcome my sewing problems with sewing knitted cotton. So I was just to glad that I managed to finish the 4 knickers that has been haunting me for weeks. (I actually had 5; 2 for my little girl which unfortunately got caught in my sewing machine and ended up having this big hold in the back!) These had been cut but because I had problems sewing one, I decided to leave these unfinished.

Anyways, my son refuses to wear his knockers because of the fly opening! Ugh! I couldn’t convince him otherwise. He is concerned with having an opening since he’s never worn one until now. So I’ve now been asked to sew up these fly openings!

Regardless, these pattern from That Darn Cat are well written and were simply easy to put together. All 4 have a slightly different waistband and other details, as I was experimenting with different techniques seen from Made By Rae’s Baby Tights and Omi-Creates’ onesie tutorial as well as Dana-Made-It’s 90-min shirt.

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