Long Time Coming

It has indeed been some time since I managed to blog just about anything. For some reason when December started, we got swamped with work which is great of course, as it made up for the very slow beginning of 2009.

So I’ve been trying to find little pockets of time in between work and weekend with the kids to do something. Our Christmas presents for the family unfortunately still has to go out! It’s awful and I’m fortunate my family has been quite forgiving about the lateness. I guess they get to have Christmas all over again… the gifts will finally and definitely will be out this week and I’m so looking forward to that!

I thought I’d share a few things I managed to get done over the last few months in pictures rather than words; or at least I’ll try not to blah too much…


Our Advent Calendar: This is the finished version of what I blogged about some time ago here. A new tradition for us which we will be taking out of storage every Christmas. My first project that involved a lot of hand sewing and embroidery. The kids loved taking turns getting the ornaments out of the pockets.

One of the projects I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this year – a December Daily – inspired by Ali Edwards. This gave me a huge sense of accomplishment as I managed to persevere in spite of all the late hours I had at the office. Plus everyone contributed, even daddy! I am looking forward to doing this again in 2010. Pictures can be found on my Flickr.
My first foray into making softies and dollies. This was from Wee Wonderfuls. It was quite an experience and can’t wait to make more. Made these 2 plus 2 sleeping bags, 2 jumpers or overalls and 2 backpacks as gift to Margot, our French neighbour’s daughter. They were all leaving Shanghai for good and I thought these were perfect to remind her of Samuel and Audrey. They’ve been playmates ever since we moved to the current address so it was quite sad to see them go…
The scarves for Stephanie and Bernard. I wasn’t sure if I could do this as I’ve never sewn with silk before but wanted to use bits of silk I had lying around so decided to just do it. So happy with the results. Did not use batting as I didn’t want it to be heavy since the cashmere wool on the other side was already enough weight.
Kidlets by JCasa. Made 6 for my colleagues each with their initials and different fabric.
kidlet_patch-749301 kidlet-748909
There’s actually more but I thought I should wait until my family has received their gifts or it’ll spoil the surprise. 

I’m working on a stuff for Chinese New Year… And stuff for kids to do over the 1-week holiday.

And also finished making a Tooth Fairy Pillow for Audrey. Check it out here.

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