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The crazy work schedule has kept me away from my blog and posting updates on Instagram has been easier to do. Here’s a recap of the different creative stuff I’ve been doing the past couple months…

SEPTEMBER: Typically the busiest time for me with birthdays and first day of school. So glad I managed to include some time to do some paintings, doodles and documenting.

I joined at the last minute the #30daysoflist challenge and also an epiphany to combine this with a #30inks30days challenge. The last time I joined the 30 Days of List challenge was probably 4-5 years ago! This time I wanted to just simplify the process and not overthink.  As for the #30inks30days challenge, this was my first time to join. I got inspired and thought it was a perfect challenge to use up my growing collection of fountain pen and inks! This was a lot of fun and was so glad I made time for these challenges!

And it felt great to wrap up my series of Artist-in-Residence program at Alila Anji. I blogged about this here.

The last couple weeks gave me a chance to do some more sketches and watercolour paintings.


Started around mid August the catch-up on 2019’s Project Life. And within 2.5 months, I’M ALL CAUGHT UP! Yippeee! This is still a favorite way for me to document our life. I’ve simplified the process, again not overthinking what the design is, just getting all the stories into the album.

And October is of course #inktober! Again, this was something I debated whether I will have time to do or not especially since I wanted to do the 31 Mins for 31 Days in October challenge as well… But after I saw this class on Creativebug taught by Lisa Congdon, I decided this was perfect! I can do the challenge a different way. I’ve tried this challenge last year but somehow got intimidated with all the amazing illustrations I saw on IG.

And I got back into doing ATCs to swap on Swap-Bot. Interesting swaps which get me into continuing collages which I was doing for my #100dayproject. The AT coins are so much fun to do!

Finally, in between all these (above), I have found a way to meditate. And it is doing random doodles on a small Rhodia Pad I have reserved for practicing calligraphy. Now I’ve been doodling on it alternating between the different fountain pens. Sometimes I do same theme, sometimes I get inspired to do some else. But all these are not sketched in pencil and nor is there any plan. All intuitive really… depending on what my hand was doing. I love this way of meditating and letting my brain empty out after a long day at work.

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As always, thank you for stopping by.



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