We are 22 days in since the start of #the100dayproject this year. In my mind, what I had planned is easy, but got a bit sidetracked with work and now still playing a bit of catch-up. So I thought I’d start this year’s blogpost series with a bit of background.

I knew for this year’s project, I wanted to get my hands dirty with paint and glue and play with collages of collected bits and pieces. A bit of art journaling and license to just go and express whatever creative ideas I have. Inspiration stems from these amazing artists: Julie Hamilton, Katie Licht, Molly Anthony and my good friend Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, to name a few. I follow their work on their respective blogs and Instagram and have collected some into my Pinterest board.

So, each page or spread will have a number and everything in the page are collected bits of paper or whatever that I have been hoarding and on some occasions it will have painted backgrounds. My approach to not get inundated with material selection so I have a capsule of materials that will be rotated every couple weeks in a wire basket. And the collected paper bits are all stored in a plastic case.

The journal I am using was purchased in Taipei 2 years ago from a shop called Pinmo which has the numbered days until my birthday. This number on the cover is “bleached” under the sun using a special paper and plastic film. Really cool! (P.S.: I had to convince the shop owner to let me have this one last journal that was in the store window!)

The paper is actually not thick and has a recycled paper feel to it. Plus the roughly cut edges add a bit of character to the notebook.

My mantra: I don’t want to overthink. Just go with the flow… and have fun!

So there you have it… I will be sharing some of the pages as soon as I get the photos out of my camera.

Thank you for reading.


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