Art Journal | Get Messy Season 8: Messy Lists Part 4

Sharing my pages for the GetMessy Messy List part 4. Somehow this set of prompts got me quite inspired to do quickly (unfortunately it took me a while to get this post out). I think it is also to do with having a smaller area to play with and getting most background done before putting on the finishing touches on each spread.

Here are my spreads:

GetMessyList4_Prompt1 GetMessyList4_Prompt1b GetMessyList4_Prompt2

Since I wrote this list for the prompt, new trips have suddenly come up which I am excited about. One of this is to Tokyo and another to Wuxi, China.

GetMessyList4_Prompt2b GetMessyList4_Prompt3 GetMessyList4_Prompt3b GetMessyList4_Prompt4 GetMessyList4_Prompt4b GetMessyList4_Prompt5 getmessy messylist4

Thank you for looking.


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