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A couple weeks ago, I decided to make a jump into organizing our schedule by going back to paper planners. This is more because we have completely changed routines starting from when school starts again. I needed to get a better view of school schedules, my commitments, and meal planning. I am not completely going paper as there are still reminders which I keep in my digital calendar especially for those birthday reminders. Anyway, I couldn’t find a planner page that seem to fit with what I needed. So I ended up designing a couple set-up which I’m sharing here below that you can download and print at home. I’m open to any comments, so please do let me know how these could be improved or what works for you. I’ve printed mine on both sides of an A4 paper. But these will also work with a US Letter size paper. Download the PDF files from below.


One day per page: September 2014  |  October 2014

Monthly page: 2-page version  |  Bi-fold version

Notes page (includes 3 design options)



I’ve made a special MTN version of the Daily Planner pages for Sam which you can now download from her blog at: 



  1. Heloo~ This printables are really pretty and practical with the To Do, Notes and Reminders boxes!! :)) The colours are very well-coordinated too! I was wondering if you can design a week-on-two-page with these boxes too? 🙂
    And can I asked what sort of software did you used to design these?
    Thank you for sharing these printables!!

    1. Thank you Eunice! Be on the look out for a new design… I was sketching the other day about a new design/layout for my October planner pages in exactly the request you had – a week in 2 pages. 🙂 I used InDesign for these pages.

    2. Oh really? I will be looking forward to it! ^^
      Thanks for replying! And pardon the repeated comments. 😅

  2. Hello~~ Thank you for sharing these printables! They are really pretty and practical with the To Do, Notes and Reminders boxes! ^^ I was wondering if you can design a Week on two page with these boxes in it?
    And may I know what software did you used to design these? 🙂
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! I found this on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for me! It is extclay how I shop/think and it will be so much better than my crazy scribbled all over computer paper! I love the space for the meals on top, I never even thought of that but it will be so helpful. Thanks again!!

  3. They are simply gorgeous! I am loving it for sure! Thanks a million for your wonderful creation and offering it as a free printable. Oh btw, can these be printed for MTN as well?

  4. Ohh you’re so sweet and kind, Arlyna! I can’t thank you enough for this. And I love your artistic spirit! XOXO

  5. These inserts are great. I only wish the A5 version was only 1 page like the personal one is. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing ! Those printables are exactly what I was looking for ! The colors are pretty and the pages very well organized 😊

  7. I really like the lay out of your planning pages. Is it possible, or maybe I just did not see it, to get the planner with the dates (September 2015 to September or December 2016) similar to the 2014 daily planning sheets.

    1. Hi, Karen!

      Yes, I will be sharing new pages soon… It’s been a bit crazy with work these days. Take care and thanks!

  8. Hello! Could you tell me if you have any printable planner pages in black, red, dark blue and green color? I would like to make a planner for my sister and she likes those colors… :3

    1. Hi, Sophie! Sorry don’t have one yet however I can make a black/grey theme one for winter… I have a new one for Autumn, just need to take some photos first. Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Thank you for answering! Ok, I will stop by your page occasionally to check if there’s something I can use :3 I hope you will have a great day!

  9. i need help finding some pnrbtaile baby shower games!?All the baby shower pnrbtaile games im finding you either have to pay for them or you have to buy software to have them. does anyone know of any sites that let you print for free? or where i could get some ideas from and maybe make them myself?! thanks so much!

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you are planning on doing 2016 and how much for personal size. I have been searching the internet since Sept looking for a day on 1 page that I like…..finally found something. I love what you have done.

    Danette Leeyus

  11. Hi Sam, A handful of plopee have asked about adding more days but to squeeze more in on one page, the room to write gets itty-bitty (and I’d rather it be funcitonal!) the BEST suggestion I’ve heard is to print it double-side it (and laminate to use again and again) that way you can plan Mon-Thur on one side and Fri-Sun on the back, PLUS an extra meal if you want to prep freezer meals, special occasion something, etc. Thanks for reading!

  12. Thanks for the reply. I really apcpireate it. I understand. I’ll try the double sided thing. I like to keep my sheets so I put them in the household binder. So laminating doesn’t work for me, but thats ok printing is easy!I’ll keep hoping I can find one that is printed landscape with 5 days on one side and weekends/extras on the other! Or one of my smarty teenagers could probably design one ..LOL!

  13. Love this design. I just rellay need 5 days. Is there a way you can help me with that? Our 2 days are leftovers and pizza .But with a family of 7 I need to plan for all 5. How can I alter it? Im not a computer whiz at all. Landscape or sideways? Help!Love your blog!!!

  14. These are absolutely peferct for a mom like me, that can barely remember to get dressed in the mornings! Thanks so much for making my life just a little easier. I downloaded it, printed it, and just shared this on pinterest! (: Thanks so much!

  15. Hola me encantam tus plantias quiero descargar las plantias de notas de los dos tamaños a5 y personalpero no puedo😢

    1. Hi! I tried the links to the downloadable files and they are all working… not sure what problem you have encountered…

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