So Ecstatic!


Yes! I’m so over the moon today. Thank you to Grandma G, I made my own homemade deodorant, something I would never have thought I’d end up making one day.

I tried it out today wearing sleeveless top. And so far, no smell at all, which is something that has never happened with store-bought ones I’ve tried before.

This is simply:

  • so easy to make
  • ingredients was easy to find except for arrowroot flour which I’ve had to ask a friend to buy for me
  • all natural
  • solves problem of trying to find a deodorant in Shanghai… cannot find any solid stick on any of the shelves of supermarket or groceries here (at least last time I checked).

Okay, this may sound gross but I had a ‘personal sniffer’ today. My husband has been checking if I smelled or not! I’ve been talking about this deodorant for weeks ever since I read this post. So maybe he will make the switch, too.

So I’m feeling confident that with the heat coming on… I know I won’t be worried with all the sweating. This is simply amazing!

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